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How to Care for Your Enkay Rug

Emma Smith/14.04.23

How to Care for Your Enkay Rug

So, you’ve bought a beautiful, one-of-a-kind handcrafted Enkay rug, but how do you take care of it to ensure it retains the same level of beauty and luster for years to come? Our rugs are handwoven by world-class artisans using only the finest, responsibly sourced fibers meaning that they are naturally durable with many being naturally stain-, water-, and dirt-resistant too. But there are a few easy rug care tips you can add to your usual home cleaning routine to help protect your rug from the inevitable wear and tear that comes with the day-to-day living of a busy, happy home.


First, properly unpack your rug


All Enkay rugs sized 9’x12’ and up have the option to be delivered with a white glove service for an additional fee, so you have some help when unpacking and positioning your larger rug. However, if you bought a smaller rug or decided to unpack your rug on your own, this is the way to do it to ensure the best result.


First, clear the furniture from your space so you can unpack and position your rug easily and have a better view of its position in relation to the room. Next, move your folded rug to the center of the space you’d like to place it and open it, repositioning as desired until it looks just right. A great tip before you position your rug is to roll it into a cylinder for 1-2 days to help speed up crease removal before positioning it.


Anila Rug


Why you should use a rug pad


Perfect for using with any rug in your home, our plush rug pads provide dense cushioning and insulation as well as protection for your rug. With their felted design and textured rubber waffle-backing, using our rug pads ensures non-slip and durable protection that works for hard and carpeted surfaces alike. Not only will a rug pad minimize wear and extend the life of your rug, but they also make your rug feel even softer underfoot. Particularly beneficial when used with rugs on hard surfaces, they create a luxurious experience when used beneath rugs on carpeted surfaces (think about what it might be like to walk on a cloud). And we’ve done the thinking for you! We know the exact right size rug pad to go with each Enkay rug, so simply click ‘add rug pad’ at the same time you select your rug to ensure the correct sized pad is added to your cart before checking out.


General care recommendations


As with all fine fibers, fading may occur over time, especially if your rug is placed in direct sunlight, so keep this in mind when selecting your color and placing your rug (we like to think this natural aging adds to their unique story in your home though). Be sure to also rotate your rug every six months to prevent uneven fading and wear, especially in higher traffic areas of the home and those exposed to direct sunlight.


Lekka Rug


Another thing to be aware of is sprouting, a natural process that occurs when rugs are handwoven. Some of the loops will ‘sprout’ occasionally and some fibers may break or loosen - but don’t worry! Simply trim these loose ends with scissors. For the first few months this may be required every couple of weeks, but the longer your rug is in your home it will settle, and the sprouting will naturally dissipate.


New rugs also have a distinctive odor. These odors accumulate over time from the natural fibers while the rugs are folded and shipped in sealed containers. This odor naturally dissipates over time as the rug is left to breathe on its own, though we have done our best to help mitigate this initial odor by including our beautiful signature incense sticks with each package (read more about Enkay’s signature scent here). This scent contains notes of sage, rosemary, angelica, vetiver, and patchouli specially selected to balance with the odor of the natural fibers of the rug. If your new rug arrives damp however, this is cause for concern. Certain fabrications can mildew when wet which may lead to an unpleasant odor. If this is the case, please reach out to us immediately at hello@enkay.com so we can help remedy the situation.


Enkay's Signature Scent


On the topic of moisture, our wool rugs are naturally stain- and moisture-resistant and as such don’t have a stain-resistant finish on them. Should you choose to apply a stain-resistant treatment this will unfortunately nullify our one-year warranty, so we encourage our customers to simply follow the care and cleaning instructions listed on our product pages and in our rug guide as this is the best way to ensure your rug is adequately cared for.


Vacuuming your Enkay rug


Brooms were first used to sweep fine rugs before vacuums (and they still work well, especially on a rug’s edges and fringe), however, we understand that vacuums can be more effective at removing and containing dust in a home environment. We recommend vacuuming your new rug daily for the first week, and then weekly thereafter. Canister vacuums are ideal for the care of handcrafted rugs as their hand-held cleaning attachments use suction to clean without the help of a beater bar or rotating brush, which can cause the fibers of fine rugs to loosen. For best results, don’t use a strong vacuum cleaner and turn off the beater bar if your vacuum has one. If your vacuum has a bare floor setting, use that to raise the brush to better care for your handmade rug, ensuring you avoid the rug’s edges and fringe where possible (rather use a broom for these areas).


Swara Rug


Cleaning your Enkay rug


When it comes to cleaning your Enkay rug, be sure to blot and not rub when spills occur with a small amount of mild soap followed by a solution made from equal parts white vinegar and cold or lukewarm water, then remove any remaining moisture with a dry towel. We don’t recommend using hot water or oxygen cleaners on our rugs, and for best results suggest you periodically hire a professional rug cleaning company skilled in the care of handmade rugs.


These are our top rug care tips all in one place. If you follow them, your Enkay rug is sure to last and bring you joy for many years to come. Having said that, please be sure to reference the cleaning instructions on your specific rug’s page on our website, as cleaning processes may differ by material.

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