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The Signature Scent of Enkay: A Chat with Na Nin

Emma Smith/02.12.22

The Signature Scent of Enkay: A Chat with Na Nin

At Enkay, we truly believe that humans make all the difference. From hand-knotting and -looming our rugs and home accessories, to hand-sculpting our planters – no machine can match those pieces crafted by hand for beauty or endurance in our experience. So, when it came to selecting our partner to provide the incense that we include with every Enkay purchase, this belief was at the center of our decision-making.



It is for this reason that we have partnered with Na Nin. Sharing a special focus on providing luxury home products that help to create calm, rejuvenating spaces, Na Nin helps us to create a unique atmosphere for each Enkay rug with our very own signature fragrance that they have created for us.


We sat down with Na Nin to talk about inspiration, scent notes, and the unique smell of natural materials. Read on to discover the story behind Enkay’s signature scent and learn more about how a fragrance comes together to create a specific mood.


Enkay: We love that your scents are inspired by personal memories and music – two things we hope and imagine that our rugs will lay a foundation for in people’s homes. What was the inspiration for Enkay’s signature fragrance and how is it made?


Na Nin: All of our scents are hand blended in Richmond, VA. We wanted to create a warm, earthy scent that reflects the life and landscape of the areas in India where Enkay’s rugs and home goods are made. We strived to find a scent with elements that would complement and marry well with the scent of the natural materials used to craft your products too, such as wool.



Enkay: How would you describe the fragrance? What are the essential oils that are used?


Na Nin: The scent is earthy, warming, and elemental, blended from pure essential oils chosen for their elegance and potency. Herbaceous clary sage and spicy rosemary blend with deeply earthy elements of angelica root, vetiver, and patchouli to create a harmonious balance.


Enkay: Fragrances come together to create a unique mood and experience. Can you explain a little bit about how fragrances are built?


Na Nin: There are two types of scents in any fragrance: top notes and base notes.



The top notes for Enkay’s signature scent are clary sage, rosemary, and angelica root. Sage and rosemary add a bright yet savory element to the scent that uplifts and balances the heavier notes below. The angelica root is a distinct ‘anchoring’ note that adds a unique depth and intensity – it’s almost botanical and green in its bitterness.


The base notes are Indian vetiver and Indonesian patchouli. Our take on the vetiver and patchouli in this blend is that they’re both powerful base notes that give any fragrance a long-lasting, fixative effect. Patchouli can be a particularly polarizing scent for some, but it’s a very commonly used ingredient in most fragrances that adds an unmistakable earthy, grounding element.


The top notes are clarifying, activating, cleansing, and fresh while the base notes are sultry, smoky, earthy, and tenacious.


We love how Na Nin’s signature fragrances create instant ambience in any room. They’re the perfect accompaniment to our handmade rugs and accessories, and we hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about this unique part of the Enkay experience. Be sure to keep an eye out for our new collection of hand-poured scented candles and linen sprays personally crafted for Enkay by Na Nin coming to enkay.com very soon.


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