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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Rug

Bri Taylor/22.08.22

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Rug


We have big news: Enkay has begun offering custom rugs. Made from the same high-quality raw materials as our Origins and Depths Collections, our Custom Collection of handcrafted rugs continues the Enkay rug tradition of understated elegance, textured simplicity, and long-lasting durability. We’re so excited!

We take the quality and design of our rugs very seriously, and we’re confident our custom handmade rugs are going to look great in your home. Enkay’s rugs are great for cozy living rooms, elegant bedrooms, formal and casual dining rooms, and versatile office spaces. We offer 5 standard size choices that cover the most common room dimensions, and our custom handmade rugs will ensure you’ll always find a rug that suits your home decor needs. 



Is a Custom Rug Right for Me?

Most homes have rectangular living rooms, which make our 6x9, 8x10, or 10x12 options an easy fit. Homes with spacious dining rooms or large master bedrooms can choose a rug in our 10x14 size option, and our 3x10 runner rugs serve as a great solution to those in-between spaces. 

How about the Sarnic custom rug in Sand for the grand dining room that you built when you remodeled? Or, a Kaveri custom rug for the tiny workspace you’ve created for yourself? Or, the Narmada custom rug in Ivory for the Instagram-worthy guest house you designed in the backyard? 

Irregular or extra large spaces are perfect for a custom rug. Our custom rugs are made to order by the same artisans who weave our standard sized rugs. They are made from responsibly-sourced materials, great for indoor or outdoor use, and enhance the design elements of your home.



How To Measure Your Space for a Custom Rug

In addition to choosing your rug design to match your room aesthetic, there are three spatial considerations to make when planning for your custom handmade rug from Enkay.

  1. Measure your entire room! Be sure to consider any areas where doors open into your room, corners are not square, floor vents need to be exposed, or spaces are generally irregular in shape. These factors can dictate the shape and size of your custom rug.
  2. Let your furniture be your guide! Are you planning to add armchairs to your living room? Does your dining room table expand from 6 people to 12 people? Are you upgrading your bed to a California king next year? Ideally, your dining room chairs and bedroom furniture should fit fully on your rug, while your living room furniture can frame a rug or partially cover a rug without getting caught on the edge.
  3. Leave some open space! A good rule of thumb that we recommend is that you allow 2 feet of space between the rug and the wall. This ensures the room does not feel too busy and allows your bare floors to balance out the textures of your handwoven rug and furniture.

Ready to update your space with a rug that fits perfectly? We have the answer to your handmade rug questions - in either standard sizes or a new custom rug option. Check out our full collections of rugs and accessories now! 

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