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Why Your Home Needs a Mindful Space (and Three Easy Ways to Create One)

Nitesh Chaudhary/20.03.22

Why Your Home Needs a Mindful Space (and Three Easy Ways to Create One)

Age-old wisdom tells us that longevity and stress-free living start with finding a mindful moment of peace each day, but in modern living, sometimes that’s easier said than done. You’re likely to already have a home office or a children’s playroom where you can sneak away for a moment of quiet, and maybe even a multi-purpose guest room/stationary bike room where you can squeeze in five minutes of mindful breathing. But, building and maintaining a peaceful space just for mindfulness in your home is the best way to help you honor that goal. 

At Enkay, we think every home deserves to be elevated with high quality materials and luxurious design elements. We know our handmade rugs can be beautiful additions to any room, but imagine including your favorite design in a dedicated space where you can take a quiet moment, get centered, and practice mindfulness when the day gets busy?

Whether it’s a full-fledged meditation room or a bathroom that you’ve elevated with candles and  handmade rugs, we hope you can carve out a space that’s all about relaxation. The key to creating a mindful space in any home is combining texture, luxury, and warmth. Here are three tips to building a calming refuge that you can utilize each day.


Choose Simple Upgrades

We’ll start with our favorite home decor trick: upgrading one key item can make your whole room feel luxurious. For mindful spaces where you can meditate and decompress, we love using Enkay’s quality rugs as focal points paired with vintage or repurposed small items. Get creative with sourcing your decor and allow your choices to have meaning (think your grandmother’s quilt or your sister’s favorite vase). Whether you choose wool or jute, a hand-knotted rug will last for decades and transform your mood as soon as you step foot into your space. 


Improve Your Lighting

Nothing calms a busy mind like stepping into a dim or softly-lit space, but this doesn’t have to mean that you need major renovations to achieve a big change. If you have lamps or overhead fixtures, try switching to a warm lightbulb. If you normally have a lot of natural light, add room darkening curtains for daytime use. If your space is small, try lighting candles in the evening for instant cozy vibes. With just a few shifts away from bright or harsh lighting, you’ll be amazed at how different your space feels.


Lean Into Texture

In the same way that bathrobes feel cozy after a long day, bringing texture into your mindful space can be an instant change that soothes your soul. In addition to upgrading to a high-end rug or silk sheets, consider adding in natural fibers into your accessory design scheme, like wool pillows and wicker baskets. We think the neutral color and New Zealand wool of our Belka pillow would be a perfect companion to a wooden meditation bench or plush armchair. 

Need more ideas on how to design and decorate a mindful space just for you? Get inspired by Enkay’s full line of rugs and accessories.

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