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Top Interior Design Trends for Summer 2023

Emma Smith/12.06.23

Top Interior Design Trends for Summer 2023

Wanting to give your home a refresh this summer? The following four interior design trends are the only updates you need to be making to your space to ensure it matches the happy, vibrant energy of the season.



A dynamic print will always be one of our go-to ways of adding a bit of personality to a room. The most popular ones for 2023? Well, it’s no surprise that geometrics still have a top spot, and we have a few rugs that nod to this trend in a truly Enkay way. Zaaya’s high-low pattern marries the steadiness of geometric lines with the effortlessness of irregular shapes, while Narmada and Kaveri harness the stability of rectangular stripes – particularly effective when featured on larger 10”x14” rugs. Finally, Pontus and Sabha share the same appeal of repeated geometric motifs although the outcomes have two very different feelings, the former being hand-knotted using 100% wool and the latter hand-loomed using responsibly sourced jute fibers.


Florals also seem to be holding firm as a popular choice for enlivening a space this summer. While we don’t stock floral prints in the traditional sense, we do have some gorgeous rugs that nod to ancient botanicals that achieve an outcome that’s more timeless. Lumaki means ‘to grow’ in Fillipino, and that’s how our Lumaki rug got its name, from its barely-there botanical motif that recalls the florals of the Oushak rugs of west-central Anatolia (known today as the region just south of Istanbul). Sakarya, Kinn and Tulasi are also not to be missed if you love the intricacies of a floral-inspired print.


Kinn Rug



What’s summer without a burst of color? Earthy tones, pastel hues and coastal blues are all trending for Summer 2023. And fortunately for you, we have a bit of everything.


The beiges and browns present in our Manpura and Avarta rug in wheat effortlessly ground a space, blending seamlessly with other natural elements like wood, jute, and glass. Adana is a lighter earth-inspired option, it’s faded chevron design comprising cream, gray and brown wool yarns, while Raksha in moss green also helps to create a more natural, organic look.


Manpura Rug


If it’s blues you’re after though, look no further than Depths. Our Depths collection offers a spectrum of blue hues from blue grey to color-rich indigo. Dip your toe in with Sukri, Raksha in sea or Nikka in ocean. Or if you’re after something bolder, Raksha in indigo or aqua, and Vari in midnight are beautiful statement pieces.



According to experts, we can expect to see a lot more natural fabrics and materials appearing in people’s homes this summer. At Enkay, all our products are made using only the best natural materials and other responsibly sourced fibers like 100% recycled PET.


Indulge your senses with lightweight and breathable cotton and linen this summer, adding them as accents in the form of throw pillows and blankets. Our Rajani pillow is 100% linen and offers a solid color accent available in midnight, indigo, moss and ivory. Cassis is another solid color 100% linen pillow available in charcoal and ivory, with a light feathery fringe adding a playful touch to this perfect layering piece.



We have 100% cotton throw pillow options too. Trikona and Punah are hand-dyed using shades of blue to create meditative patterns which are great paired with the solid pillow options above, while Yuki is hand-loomed using a light hand and works better in earthy neutral color schemes.


Jute is a great natural material to introduce to your home that works for a variety of décor styles. Our latest jute rugs, Sabha and Lijia, make the perfect summer updates with their hand-loomed patterns creating interest beyond the natural variations in color and texture inherent to their fibers.


Sabha Rug


Outdoor Spaces

If you’re anything like us, the warmer weather has you heading straight for the outdoors, so having a comfortable and beautiful outdoor entertainment area is a must. Seating with hardy metal or treated wooden frames and fabric cushions are a great way to create a stylish outdoor look, and our collection of outdoor rugs and pillows are the perfect way to tie it all together.


Lay a good foundation with a durable indoor-outdoor rug like Milati. Crafted using 100% PET, a durable fiber created by recycling plastic bottles, Milati will stand the test of time not only terms of its construction but its classic design too. Tie the look together with a few outdoor-friendly throw pillows and you have countless summer memories waiting to be made in your new outdoor space. Our current favorite combo is Varda and Anaise, especially since they work so well inside during the colder months too!


Milati Rug


Looking forward to a summer refresh? We hope these trends inspire you to get creative! Don’t forget to also explore our range of planters and wall hangings for those perfect final touches.

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