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Three Easy Ways to Elevate Your Space

Emma Smith/21.12.22

Three Easy Ways to Elevate Your Space

From the ground up, our desire is to help you create the home of your dreams using beautifully handcrafted homeware from some of the world’s most talented artisans. That’s why we never compromise on designing timeless pieces like handmade rugs and throw pillows, always crafted using responsibly-sourced materials by makers who are treated with respect. We want you to feel good about your home and change the way you see the pieces you choose to put in it; not as disposable as soon as the next trend rolls around, but rather as lifelong investments that endure season to season.


How do you elevate a space effortlessly without falling into the trap of buying into the latest craze though? These three easy tips will help you do just that, without having to do a major design overhaul.


#1 Do the opposite of what you usually do


Whether you prefer to take a minimalist approach to your home with pared back designs and neutral tones, or you’re a maximalist who lives by ‘more is more!’, keeping things fresh will always help to make your home feel more elevated.


By mixing things up every now and then, your home can serve as a place of inspiration and rejuvenation. So, if you’re normally more of a minimalist, why not opt for a bold pattern or color for a touch of something out of the ordinary? Our Namish rug’s thatched square pile brings a subtle North African accent to a space, while Swara’s broken, linear pattern echoes the ripples of the ocean. Prefer a bold color over pattern? You can’t go wrong with Raksha in deep indigo or vibrant aqua. On the other hand, if you usually love statement making décor, try tone things down a bit by introducing a few neutral colors and timeless textures in the form of throw pillows or blankets to add a sense of balance.



Swara Rug


#2 Experiment with contrast


A home can have any number of different textures depending on the person who styled it, and each creates a unique feeling for a space. With the goal of elevating your space, it’s important to consider which room you’re focusing on, so your home remains cohesive and functional, yet interesting.


For example, the Freya and Mandia pillows would make beautiful additions to a neutral baby’s nursery, however pair them alongside a brushed metal storage locker or shelf and you have instant visual interest and appeal. Another idea is giving your dining room an added layer of luxury with a handmade custom rug that frames your table and chairs. We love the look of Isparta and Kinn in a dining room with their barely-there patterns and durable piles.


Isparta & Mandia


It’s when you begin to bring subtle contrast into each space that your home truly starts to balance, showing that you’ve thought about how you want people to feel when they enter a room.


#3 Make the classics your standards


True classic interiors include those timeless pieces that remain relevant for decades. Think clean lines, versatile colors that pair well with a variety of décor, and simple styles. For example, the Narmada rug’s clean, bold lines would work well as a runner to give your otherwise-unremarkable hallway a quick facelift. And classic doesn’t have to mean boring either; the Parvati rug’s ivory color and high-low hand-embossed pile make it a cozy insulator and standout design piece all at once. Both great examples of handmade rugs that balance modern with traditional, aim to invest in durable pieces that allow the décor around it to change over time, as they remain timeless elements of your home forever.


Parvati Rug


Inspired to elevate the spaces in your home? Our handmade rug collections (with custom rug options), vintage rug collection, and handcrafted home accessories make it easy to find those effortlessly stylish pieces that stand the test of time.

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