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Styling the Dosha Rug With Erin Fetherston

Brett Caldecott/26.10.23

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Internationally renowned designer Erin Fetherston has launched acclaimed fashion and home lines throughout her career. We were lucky enough to have the style guru share her tips for creating a cozy haven with us just in time for winter, as well as how to select the perfect rug for your unique space.


To you, why is a rug an important addition to a space?

A rug defines and anchors any space. It instantly adds texture and warmth and can powerfully transform any setting.


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 Photo by Elizabeth Messina


What do you look for when choosing a rug?

It’s important to choose the appropriate rug according to the intended use of the space it’s placed in; taking traffic, durability, and who might traverse the rug (i.e., kids and pets) into consideration.


I also think it’s vital to nail down the right size for a rug in any room. I personally like for all the furniture to sit on the rug. That’s where custom sizing and design options like Enkay’s can come in so handy.


Why did you choose the Dosha rug? And why the Alabaster colorway?

The Dosha rug is remarkably soft underfoot and adds such a cozy layer of texture.  I chose the Alabaster colorway because it gives the impression of being “white”, but it actually has several gray undertones in the weave, thereby adding depth and warmth to the palette of the roomscape.



What style are you creating in the space the rug will go in?

A mixed style; earthy modern.


What are your favorite features of the rug and why?

It gives me the best of both worlds. It is so soft and textural, however does wonders in standing up to high traffic.


Photo by Elizabeth Messina


Was there any part of the Enkay story that resonated with you, and if so, why?

I love Enkay’s commitment to artisanship and the fact that they engage over 40,000 female artisans to hand weave these rugs, creating a socially and environmentally responsible product.




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