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Spring Refresh: Luxury On A Budget

Steve Sorrow/08.04.22

Spring Refresh: Luxury On A Budget

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Springtime has arrived. We love an excuse to stay cozy indoors during the cold winter months, but find ourselves equally thrilled to get busy refreshing and updating our spaces for the spring season.

If you think a luxurious springtime refresh has to be expensive, we’re here to debunk that myth. We’ve gathered our five favorite and affordable ways to breathe new life into your living spaces for spring without breaking the bank. Spoiler alert: it even includes a new handmade rug!


1. Reset to Refresh

Our first step to a spring refresh is to get serious about a deep clean. Take down and wash your curtains, put your couch cushion covers into the laundry, and dust those rarely-visited top shelves. If you have one of our wool or jute rugs in your home, take it outside on a sunny day for a good shake in the fresh air before vacuuming it. You’ll be surprised (and maybe slightly horrified) by how much more sunlight comes through a freshly polished window, so don’t be afraid to get out those gloves and scrub your space from top to bottom. We promise that this not-so-luxurious first step will bring weeks of tranquility and peace to your space. 


2. Bring the Outdoors In

Perhaps the simplest and easiest on your wallet, we find that adding fresh flowers is an instant mood-lifter for any room. Fresh flowers are always a focal point during a special event or celebration, and your home deserves the same level of attention. We love tulips, chamomile, or daffodils to bring a delicate springtime touch to your coffee table or dining table centerpiece. If you really love the addition of fresh flowers, try mixing things up by supporting a new local florist each week or visiting your closest flower district to learn which varieties are in season.


3. Rearrange Your Space

Sometimes a new season brings a fresh perspective, and we love rearranging our spaces to create a total room reboot. Without spending any money on new things, see how far your existing items can take you when they’re used in new ways. Try taking your coffee table away entirely to highlight your rug and floors, or switching a chair for a chaise lounge by the window to create a new, luxurious space to relax and read. With a new layout you’ll be able to see where a great statement piece, like our oversized Belka pillow, can bring renewed energy to your space. 


4. Less is More

How long has that pile of mail been sitting on your desk? When was the last time you even read those magazines? The name of the game is declutter, and you are the star contestant. Whether you’re doing a full life overhaul with the KonMari method, or taking it day by day with The Minimalists, paring down the items you don’t need, or no longer use, can transform your home into the luxurious sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of having. We know it can seem daunting to start, but this zero-dollar step can also be life-changing if done with gusto.


5. Upgrade with Care

How should you celebrate once your space is clean, fresh, rearranged, and clutter-free? A new quality rug is a showstopping and long-lasting upgrade to any room in your home. The pattern of our wool Tahar rug reminds us of fresh spring grass, while the hand-knotted jute rows in our Jarga rug take us to a well-manicured beach in our minds. Choosing one of our natural rugs is one of the most impactful room refresh choices you can make. Because natural fibers and deep textures serve as an instant way to make your room bright and airy, you’ll feel ready for spring’s arrival in no time.


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