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Softly Sophisticated: Bringing Some Quiet Luxury Into Your Home

Emma Smith/28.08.23

Softly Sophisticated: Bringing Some Quiet Luxury Into Your Home

Quiet luxury, stealth wealth, whatever you call it, it’s a concept that’s caught a lot of attention lately. We’re moving away from big, flashy shows of affluence and going low key. It’s definitely true in fashion and accessories, where designers are making their iconic logos and patterns more discreet, but it’s something we’re seeing in the décor world too. So, in this journal entry we’ve broken down what this trend means when it comes to homeware – and how to achieve the look in your space.


Choose classics

This trend is all about emulating an old money sensibility, so you can’t go wrong with a classic style. Think vintage designs and pieces that look like they’re most definitely your family heirlooms. It also helps if they're casually lived-in – but we’re talking aesthetically timeworn, not disheveled. Tanah and Sayat, two of our traditional styles fit this brief perfectly.


Sayat Rug


Luxury doesn’t shout

A key signature of this style is choosing more muted colors. We’re not saying go full minimalist, but if you err on the side of tonal and understated, you’ll be on the right track. Look to rugs like Avarta and Vari for inspiration here – especially if you want to create a moodier space.


Vari Rug


Focus on materials

Let’s talk about choosing quality over quantity. This means picking fewer, better crafted pieces, and really opting for great materials. When it comes to rugs, wool is the natural choice. It looks and feels the part and has an innate luster that gives it just a hint of luxury. Going with a rug with undyed yarn like Semblance or Narmada emphasizes this even more.


Narmada Rug


Mix and match

One of the counterintuitive things about Quiet Luxury is that you want to avoid seeming too slick. Pieces should just look like they’ve been effortlessly gathered over time. Bringing together different styles is a good way to lean into this casual energy, so mixing and matching is your friend. We suggest trying a Moroccan design to achieve this, and it also makes you seem like you’re the kind of world traveler who’s summering in Marrakesh. Talsa or Tessemit would fit the bill perfectly.


Tessemit Rug


Those are our top tips for bringing a bit of Quiet Luxury into your home. Remember, the idea is to look like you’re not really trying too hard at all, so this is one time where you don’t have to follow the rules too closely. Just go for a less is more approach and choose a few quality pieces that stand out. Happy designing!

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