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Rugs for Every Home

Emma Smith/10.05.23

Rugs for Every Home

Every home has its own unique style and personality, while a handcrafted rug can be the perfect grounding foundation for any room. Choosing the right style for your space can mean the difference between a feeling of cohesion or chaos, so we’ve taken the time to curate a selection of Enkay rugs to suit the most popular (and timeless) home décor styles.


Traditional Home

With their neutral palettes and antique décor pieces, traditional homes are well-suited to timeless, vintage rugs. Our diverse selection of fine vintage rugs are handcrafted masterpieces, featuring intricate designs and dynamic colors to match perfectly with the classic and sophisticated ambiance of a traditional home. Try Vintage Rug 7458 to add a sense of vibrancy to your living room or entranceway, or Vintage Rug 7448 for its unique Anatolian construction. If your home leans towards a more traditional style, our collection of handcrafted vintage rugs are the perfect starting point.


Vintage 7458


Have a touch of traditional style, but still looking for something more modern? All Enkay rugs are inspired by nature and the age-old tradition of handcrafting passed through generations that our master artisans form part of. This means we have several rugs with traditional influences. Take the Eymir and Sayat rugs for instance. Their intricate patterns are intentionally worn as a hint to rugs of another era, making them perfect additions to a more traditionally inspired home.


Minimalist Home

Minimalist homes are intentionally styled with monochromatic color palettes and a selection of highly considered, simple décor and furniture choices for an uncluttered space. The soft, simple textures and neutral colorways of our 100% wool Narmada and Parvati rugs would be perfect for a minimalist-at-heart to add to their space. While the irregular stripes of the Narmada rug act as a more subtle foundational piece, the embossed high-low pile of the Parvati rug makes a strong statement to tie your minimalist look together.


Paravti Rug


Modern Home

Though modern home décor is similar to minimalist styles, it allows for more room to be adventurous and add your personality to the mix. The thick border of our Vale rug provides a sturdy frame to contain a pile filled with natural contrasts to add to your modern aesthetic. Other modern options include Manpura, Sobi and Ayaan, which are enriched with unique organic colors thanks to the natural variations in the hues of the materials used to make them.


Vale Rug


 A Pop Of Color

This section could have lived with our selection of modern rugs, however the trend of adding bold vibrant colors to your home aesthetic deserved its own title. Our favorite part about this trend is that you don’t have to update every piece of décor in your home – simply adding a few colorful rugs can make your space feel totally new. Our 100% wool Raksha rug is available in a wide range of stunning bold colors including evergreen, moss, marigold, indigo and so many more. Other favorites we’d be remiss to not mention are Lahti, Hav and Vari – all available in beautiful blue hues inspired by bodies of water as part of our Depths Collection.


Hav Rug


Now that you have a better idea of what rugs will suit your personal style and home aesthetic, explore our collection of one-of-a-kind artisan rugs to find the perfect foundation for your space. And remember, our design team are always available to help you if you’re unsure.

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