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Rug Styling Tips With Natalie Papier

Emma Smith/28.03.23

Rug Styling Tips With Natalie Papier

At Enkay, our uniquely handcrafted rugs are created by the hands of expert artisans to ensure they last in your home for many years to come. Not only do we work hard to take care of this network of artisans, but we also ensure our rugs are always crafted using high-quality, ethically sourced materials, in a variation of textures to fit your styling needs.


Interior Designer and Founder of Home EC., Natalie Papier, recognizes the impact a statement rug can have on a space. “Rugs in a space are so important,” Natalie says. “They define seating areas, add warmth to a room, ground a space and add another textural quality.”


Natalie Papier


After using our handcrafted Enkay rug in her latest design project, we reached out to Natalie to learn a little more about her journey, to get some essential styling tips, and to hear a bit about why her new Enkay rug is the perfect addition to her space.


Enkay: Tell us about your journey in founding Home EC.

Natalie: I have had a lifelong background and love for art. This passion, combined with growing up in a small town and watching my dad renovate our Victorian home by hand, inspired me in later years to use interior design as my own 3D art canvas.


There is something magical about working within the bones of the home. You can pay respect to the original architecture but then infuse it with art, vintage, color and furnishings. These can be both functional, and reflective of the people living in it.


Enkay: What project are you most proud of and why?

Natalie: I would have to say our own home in Charlotte. It’s truly been a process of surrounding ourselves with pieces we love, from the furniture to the art and the décor.


The design has been an organic process through the elements we have collected and then curated to fit our home over the years. Everything tells a story here.


Enkay: What is your philosophy when it comes to creating a home?

Natalie: I have a strong belief that homes should reflect the people who live in them: full of life, character, and warmth (NOT the latest trends…). As an artist myself, I am a firm believer in supporting original art. Much of my interior design centers around traditional elements, redesigned with whimsy and artful layers.


Natalie's Home


Enkay: How do you source the décor you use in your projects? Do you have any go-tos?

Natalie: I always start with the client; their interests, their backgrounds, and any art they already have and love. Usually, they will have specific pieces that are meaningful to them as a jumping-off point. From there, I love thrifting for unique pieces locally, using resources such as Slate Interiors, Sleepy Poet, Facebook Marketplace, thrifting at flea markets or online platforms like Etsy and Chairish. Sourcing art is a whole other ballgame! That is done either locally or through connections made via Instagram or from my own travels.


Enkay: Do you have any sizing tips for people purchasing their first custom-made rug?

Natalie: When determining the best rug size, consider the furniture placement over the room size.


Handcrafted Rugs


Enkay: At Enkay, we honor our artisans and the natural materials they use to craft our products in everything we do. What is your approach to environmental and community priorities as an individual and in your business?

Natalie: This is so important to my business as well! I very much dislike all the cheap/throw-away furniture out there. Whenever I can source handmade and local items, whether that’s a couch or pillows, the quality is important. I often incorporate vintage for its quality, its period charm, and environmental factors (reduce/reuse/recycle!).


Enkay: What made you choose your Enkay rug and where will you be placing it?

Natalie: I was looking for a bedroom rug so ensuring it’s cozy underfoot was a ‘must’ for us. And I know softness and durability are characteristics that Enkay rugs have in spades.


Parvati Rug


Shop Natalie’s Rug, Parvati, at enkay.com


When asked what key factors Natalie considers when sourcing the perfect rug, she responded, “Good quality materials and craftsmanship. Those are the rugs that stand the test of time.”


This resonates deeply with our Enkay philosophy, as we strive to create timeless heirlooms for your home. Every step of our handcrafting process is carried out by our highly skilled artisans to guarantee your rugs will live in your home for many years to come.

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