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Reset Your Workspace

Emma Smith/27.02.23

Reset Your Workspace

Over the past few years, most of us have had to get used to the concept of working from home. And while many businesses are encouraging employees to return to the office full-time, there are just as many making working from home and flexi-working more accessible (with some even providing a home office budget!).


Keep up the New Year motivation by getting inspired and resetting your workspace with our five simple tips.


1. Take a minimalist approach

If you want a space that inspires you and helps to maintain mental clarity and productivity, begin by clearing clutter and making sure you have plenty of free space to move around in as you work. And when it comes to choosing décor, opt for pieces that are less busy and more understated.


Our collection of unique wall hangings explores shape, material, and color to enhance and give meaning to everyday spaces. The Vivaah and Hasa wall hangings (in either brass or black) are both great choices for adding a beautiful yet calming final touch that inspires and doesn’t distract.


Wall Hangings


2. Make it pet friendly

Research has shown that living creatures have the same effect as potted plants on improving productivity by offering a sense of calm, as well as boosting morale and happiness. A larger Belka or Indus pillow makes the perfect comfy bed for furry friends to nap on while you work. Plus, most of our handmade rugs are kid and pet friendly too.


Belka Pillow


Ertis is a breath-taking piece that makes a modern statement with its geometric tribal pattern (you wouldn’t believe it’s pet friendly), while more pared back rugs like Khala and Hinoki are unassumingly beautiful and will hide any stubborn pawprints well despite their neutral hues.


Hinoki rug


3. Include a space to unwind

Make sure you’re able to unwind by having a corner in your office where you can recharge throughout the day. A comfy chair atop a plush rug with textural throw pillows is a great place to decompress between tasks. The perfect final touch? A beautiful potted plant like a fiddle leaf fig tree or strelitzia to add a sense of calm in one of our beautiful handmade planters.




To get the most out of this space, think about what you’d like to do as a break and facilitate that. Fancy reading a book? Have a side table or small bookshelf ready with your latest reads. Prefer to journal? Keep a wooden armchair desk to the side so you can write in comfort (away from your work desk). Whatever it is that helps you manage your stress, make sure it’s easy for you to get started and avoid being distracted by devices.


4. Add a grounding rug

A large handmade rug adds a touch of softness and helps to anchor your workspace, making it feel more grounded. Two of our favorites for a home office are Sambhar and Narmada. Not only do their organic horizontal lines help bring a sense of balance to a space, but they are also both great natural insulators thanks to their 100% wool construction.


Sambhar Rug


We also love Semblance’s textural pile with oversized loops hand-woven using a combination of 50% PET and 50% wool for a home office, as well as Manpura that can always be counted on with its naturally lustrous pile and versatile neutral hue.


Semblance Rug


5. Support while you sit

Our handcrafted throw pillows may be the perfect finishing touch, but it’s also easy to adapt your chair to have adequate lumbar support by placing a small throw pillow at your back. Our Belka, Indus, Nadi, and Mandia pillows have 16”X24” options for the perfect functional final touches.


We hope you feel inspired to create a sanctuary for yourself to work in each day. Our range of handmade rugs, pillows and throws, planters, and wall hangings are sure to help make your new workspace feel complete.

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