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Pillow Pairing: How to Style Your Bed or Sofa

Emma Smith/04.05.23

Pillow Pairing: How to Style Your Bed or Sofa

If you’ve recently added an artisan rug to your room but feel like your space is still missing something, a well-considered blend of handcrafted pillows and throws to top off your bed or sofa is the perfect way to complete the look. But before you start browsing, we’ve got a few things for you to consider when choosing the right handcrafted accessories to work within your space.


Show variation in your color palette

Our handcrafted pillows are made from ethically-sourced materials in neutral colors that effortlessly balance any space. If you’re looking for a simple yet impactful combination of colors, add a mix of pillows in various light and dark shades. One of our favorite pairings includes the softer hues of our Nadi pillow in grey, mixed with our darker Cassis 100% linen pillow in charcoal. This blend of contrasting colors and textures elevates and adds versatility to your look.


Cassis Pillow


Add a textural piece

It’s always a good idea to have one textural piece in your pillow combination for visual impact and variety. If you’re looking for a tactile accessory to add to your space, the hyper-textured surfaces of our Reliquary or Freya pillows are perfect options to introduce a textural element to your bed or sofa. Of course, you’ll need to balance the look with softer, more pared-back accessories like our soft linen and viscose Mirth pillow or our lightweight Nokotta throw in ivory or pewter.


Reliquary Pillow


Pick the right materials

When choosing pillows for your bed or sofa, comfort is important. These are the spaces where you want to relax and feel at home, which is why you’ll want to consider your materials carefully. Wool options like our Belka and Mandia pillows are well-known for their soft and lustrous feel, and they’re also water- and stain-resistant (perfect for any accidental spills).


Alternatively, our Varda and Anaise pillows are made from 100% PET materials. This provides a soft, haptic feel similar to wool, however these extremely durable pillows are made using 100% recycled plastic. (They also happen to go perfectly with a matching handwoven Milati rug crafted using the same material.)


Varda Pillow


Consider your sizes

The dimensions of the pillows used within your space can impact your style and ultimately determine how they fit with your other décor choices. A dynamic pairing of different sized and shaped pillows creates a more contemporary look. Take our versatile, striped Assise pillow available in 24”x24 and 13”x21 for example. This paired with our plaid check Carre pillow creates an impactful yet balanced statement. Not to mention they both pair beautifully with our soft, delicately handwoven Manta throw.


Manta Throw


While a modern space allows for more playful pairings, traditional pairings are created with cohesion and order in mind. Try using pillows of two different sizes paired in even numbers to create a sense of symmetry. The combination of two 22”x22” with two 26”x26” pillows is a popular choice for a reason. Our Belka pillow is available in both these sizes and pairs beautifully with our Manali or Indus pillows.


Styling your sofa and bed pillows gives you the opportunity to be creative in your home. By using a variety of colors, materials, textures and sizes you can create a space that complements your personal style and truly feels like home. Start browsing our collection of handcrafted pillows and throws at enkay.com.

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