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Our Most Sensory Rugs

Emma Smith/17.04.23

Our Most Sensory Rugs

A handcrafted rug is a timeless heirloom that can live in your home for many years to come. The texture of your rug can play a huge role in ensuring it fits seamlessly into your space (and is arguably one of the biggest aspects to consider when making your choice). We thought we’d share a few of our favorite sensory rugs, along with some ideas on where they could fit in your home.


Heavenly soft, high-pile rugs

Our thick, luxurious high-pile rugs are generally made from a combination of wool, tencel or silk materials, adding warmth to your most lived-in spaces like the lounge or bedroom. Our sensual Una and Veyda rugs are fantastic high-pile choices, grounding a room with a lustrous feel underfoot.


Veyda Rug


When choosing your rug, consider how a high-pile could interact with your furniture. Soft, textural rugs are made to stand on their own, and furniture legs encroaching onto your rug could result in indentations over time. Luckily our wool rugs are crafted for longevity and are highly durable, made from thick materials sourced for their quality.


Textural high-low rugs

If you’re looking for a rug with character, a textural high-low rug is a natural choice. The diverse embossed patterns and contemporary construction can add dimension while bringing a unique feel underfoot.


Our Zaaya rug captures this sensory impact. Hand-spun using ethically-sourced wool, its high-low patterns add an organic and earthy element to a space, effortlessly pulling your décor choices together. Another stunning high-low, the Parvati rug’s simplistic yet modern design and plush texture work perfectly as a bold statement piece.


Zaaya Rug


Natural, textured jute rugs

Jute rugs are made from strong, renewable fibers, making them a naturally durable (and sustainable) choice. Jute options like our Jarga and Udaya rugs are easy to clean and perfect for higher-traffic areas thanks to the hardiness of their fibers.  


Jarga Rug


Not only that, but the handwoven, sturdy texture of our jute rugs is a highly adaptable choice. Use them functionally in a higher-traffic area, layer them stylishly under a wool rug for a more modern feel, or (if you’re feeling creative) you can even use your artisan jute rug as a statement wall hanging. The opportunities are endless.


Surprisingly soft PET rugs

If you have a busy household, you’ll want to consider our PET rugs. Handwoven using sustainably recycled plastic fibers, they’re highly water- and stain-resistant (making cleaning those unexpected spills a lot easier). Not only that, but PET rugs like Nikka and Ruchira have a surprisingly soft feel underfoot, giving you all the durability of PET with the sensation of wool.


Ruchira rug


Feeling inspired to add a textural rug to your home? Choose from our range of expertly handcrafted artisan rugs to create a timeless space you’ll love for many years to come.

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