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New Year, New Home

Emma Smith/13.01.23

Semblance Rug

For a lot of people, a new year means a new start. And our favorite way to bring-in-the-new will always be with some fresh home updates. From functional yet soothing workspaces to sustainable décor pieces, enter 2023 with a sense of grounding and renewed vigor using our easy home refresh tips.


Create a functional workspace 

We spend most of our waking hours working, so make sure your workspace is one that you want to be in and that inspires you. To start, clear clutter and make sure you have plenty of free space to maintain mental clarity and productivity - and when it comes to decorating, opt for pieces that are less busy and more understated. Our Vivaah and Hasa wall hangings in either brass or black are both great options for adding a beautiful yet calming final touch.


Vivaah & Hasa Wall Hangings


Research shows living creatures have the same effect as potted plants on improving productivity by offering a sense of calm, and a larger Belka pillow makes the perfect comfy bed for furry friends to nap on while you work. We also have a beautiful range of luxury handmade rugs that happen to be kid and pet friendly too. A large rug adds a touch of softness to an office, anchoring the space to make it feel more grounded, and our home office favorites are definitely durable neutrals Manpura and Semblance.


Manpura Rug


Our handcrafted throw pillows are the perfect finishing touch and help to easily adapt your chair to have adequate lumbar support. Get extra support by simply placing a small pillow at your back. Our Belka, Indus, Nadi, and Mandia pillows have the perfect 16”X24” options.


Belka & Nadi Pillows


Stick to a monochromatic palette

A monochromatic home is effortlessly modern and easy to put together with our selection of handmade rugs in beautiful shades of grey. Perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or patio, or those that call for more furniture, our Ruchira rug in pewter grey is constructed using durable PET (i.e. recycled plastic bottles!). On the other hand, our 100% wool, equally durable Raksha rug features subtle striations inspired by mineral formations that give it a real depth of texture despite its low pile. Available in glacier or slate grey, choose from six sizes or custom size a Raksha rug of your own.


Raksha Rug


If you’re wanting something more statement-making or textured, you can’t go wrong with our tribally inspired Ertis rug or Nikka rug featuring chunky flatweave knots. Then finish off your space with accessories in lighter and/or darker hues of grey to tie the monochromatic look together. The Finn, Nadi, and Belka pillows are all beautiful grey options with Indus offering hues of grey in amongst earthy neutrals. Our Yara throw’s striking graphic pattern adds a focal point to a collection of soft furnishings, while our new wall hangings feature striking black options that will work well in a room of greys.


Nikka Rug & Kimsa Wall Hannging


Include natural, sustainable elements

At Enkay, we know that luster, longevity, and rich, saturated color begin with the finest natural fibers. Adding natural elements will not only help to bring a sense of ease and connection to nature in your home, but many natural fibers are environmentally-friendly too.


Our wools are hand-selected at auction from growers in 18 countries around the world. Before spinning, these wool varietals are blended by master spinners to bring out the finest characteristics of each. After spinning, each yarn is then organically dyed and dried in the sun. As for your home, wool is a soft yet durable fiber that is naturally water-, dirt- and stain-resistant and is an excellent natural insulator. Beyond its eco-friendly production process, wool is also 100% biodegradable. With our large variety of beautiful handcrafted wool rugs, there’s the perfect one for every home.


When it comes to jute, our standards are no different. We start with the best hand selected fibers and spin them using time-tested methods. A durable, renewable fiber that comes from the stem of the jute plant, jute requires very little care or pesticides and is a hardy plant that’s ready to harvest in only four months. When spun finely, jute fibers create smooth, naturally lustrous yarns perfect for handweaving rugs. Like wool, jute is a durable fiber that is also strong and naturally textured. We currently have two beautiful jute rugs at enkay.com, the hand-knotted Jarga rug and hand-loomed Udaya rug.


Udaya rug


Using even one or two of these easy tips is sure to inject your home with a new energy and sense of purpose to help you start this year strong. And if you ever need any help, don’t forget that our helpful design support team is always just an email away at hello@enkay.com.

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