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Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Emma Smith/26.06.23

Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

A well-designed outdoor area adds a unique element to any home. Not only do these spaces create the illusion of a larger house, they also make getting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine a whole lot more pleasant (especially during the warmer months of the year!) Having a roof and the option to enclose these spaces makes them even more versatile so you can use them during winter too, but even if you don’t, you can still use plenty of the following tips to create an outdoor oasis of your own.


Add Potted Plants

Not everyone has the luxury of a garden to enjoy, and even if you do, an interesting arrangement of various potted plants and trees makes a patio feel more tropical and inviting. Our collection of hand-sculpted planters makes curating this arrangement even easier, the end result making a breath-taking statement. Some of our favorites include an olive tree or two, bay trees, and of course the popular fiddle-leaf fig planted in our large Suya or Tanah planters, available in charcoal or ivory. Our small and medium sized planters are perfect for creating an arrangement of succulents or beautiful blooms, or if you’re someone who enjoys cooking, a variety of fresh herbs to use in your favorite dishes.


Suya Planter


Think of a Theme

As these areas are often not connected to your home, there’s room to get really creative with your theme. Our indoor-outdoor Nikka and Milati rugs in Ocean create the perfect foundation for a tasteful coastal space. Simply pair with an arrangement of wicker outdoor furniture and our 100% PET Varda and Anaise pillows to complete the look.


Anaise Pillow


Create a tranquil Asian-inspired space with our Lekka rug in Stone or Mist paired with a few pieces of minimalist wooden furniture. Incorporate a selection of low-level plants like lilyturfs, mondo grass and ferns in a small Tanah planter and some ambient outdoor lighting or lanterns to elevate the space, along with a small water feature or one of our hand-sculpted wall hangings for a calming finishing touch.


Lekka Rug


Make it Transitional

A beautiful outdoor entertainment area is a wonderful place to spend long summer days at home, but what about winter? Colder weather doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time cooped up indoors. Hopefully you have a roof or awning to provide a little extra shelter to begin with, however, there are a number of outdoor heating options that double as magnificent focal features too. Fire pits and bowls are a great way to create atmosphere while providing warmth to your space, while ‘pyramid’ heaters are an aesthetic, no-fuss answer to patio heating. And of course, don’t forget to add a throw blanket or two for you and your guests to bundle up. Our Nokotta and Manta throws are extra cosy options.


Nokotta Throw


Choose Weatherproof Materials

When selecting décor for your outdoor space, be sure to pay attention to the materials used to create them. While jute and wool are durable options for indoors or totally enclosed sunrooms and patios, they’re less likely to stand the test of time when faced with the elements. That’s why we suggest opting for 100% PET outdoor rugs and pillows. These pieces are crafted using a yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making them a great eco-friendly choice that are also highly durable, despite sharing a similar look and feel to wool. And just because these yarns are recycled plastic, doesn’t mean they skimp on texture. Take a look at our Nikka and Ruchira rugs to see what we mean.


Ruchira Rug


Now that you have a few pointers for curating your very own outdoor space, start creating it by exploring our collection of 100% PET indoor/outdoor rugs and pillows. Or, if you feel like you need a little more guidance before you get going, contact one of our helpful design support team members and they’d be happy to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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