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Nature as Creative Inspiration: A Chat with Hannah Faith Lord

Kate de Para/15.06.22

Nature as Creative Inspiration: A Chat with Hannah Faith Lord

We simply love the aesthetic of Hannah Faith Lord’s photographs. Her work mixes natural textures, dramatic contrast, and clean minimalist lines. Just as our handmade rugs transform and elevate living spaces, her photographs are commanding, beautiful, and leave you with an undeniable sense of calm. 

Hannah Faith Lord (or, H.F.L.) is a creative director and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. A life-long creative, she has nurtured a childhood interest in film photography to build a livelihood of expression and art. 

 Portrait of influencer, Hannah Faith Lord.


Like the artisan women that create hand-knotted rugs for Enkay, HFL draws her inspiration from nature’s organic shapes and contrasting textures. She credits nature’s dramatic qualities and calming neutral tones in her creative work, and combines these qualities to cultivate a minimalist mid-century modern style in her home. She notes that the natural jute fibers and ribbed texture of the Udaya rug is the perfect fit for her home’s aesthetic. 

Inspired by interior design icons like Axel Vervoordt and fashion leaders like Jill Sanders, we caught up with HFL to discuss photography, design - and of course, rugs. 


Enkay: You’ve been expressing yourself through photographs since you were a young child. What themes appear the most in your photography?

HFL: Nature - I’m most inspired by the outdoors. Studio shoots are also fun and creative but there’s something so magical about putting a high fashion story together with natural elements of the earth. I love shooting women in their most natural form. I have been working on a nude book for a while now that focuses on our natural state merged together with the earth.  



Enkay: Aside from photography, what are some of your other passions? 

HFL: I love to travel, camp, surf and snowboard - once again, being in nature brings me joy and keeps me inspired.


Enkay: Our artisans also pull from nature when designing Enkay’s handmade rugs! With that said, let’s talk about interiors. When designing a room in your home, what do you keep in mind? What interior design style resonates most for you?

HFL: Mid century modern is my favorite style because it feels current but has a timeless extract. I love the raw feeling of stone and wood so I always gravitate towards a combo. Then, I play with textures and shapes to make the space feel artistic and alive.



Enkay: What colors do you gravitate towards?

HFL: I have found myself very grounded in neutral colors for some time now. I appreciate bright colors so much but neutral tones feel more timeless to me.


Enkay: When getting a new rug, what are some of the most important qualities you look for? How does Enkay fit into your life and aesthetic?

HFL: Durability and color - I want something that will last forever and go with any design change I make. Most of my pieces are vintage or have a vintage look, so the organic feel that the Udaya rug brings fits perfectly with the mid century modern aesthetic of my home.


Enkay: Finally, what are some rituals in your home?

HFL: I wanted my home to be a space I could marinate in and also share with my friends. I love having beautiful dinners on the deck with all my friends and also being alone, sipping my tea while I read.



We were thrilled to talk about how nature inspires our handmade rugs with Hannah, as well as learn the similarities in her creative process and inspirations. To see Hannah Faith Lord’s photographs, as well as learn more about her creative aesthetic, click here

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