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More Than Meets the Eye: The Color Blue

Bri Taylor/13.07.22

More Than Meets the Eye: The Color Blue

At Enkay, we’re intentional about tapping into the beauty that comes from natural fibers and neutral tones with each handmade rug design. This devotion to quality makes our hand-woven rugs as long-lasting as they are stylish. 

But, what about the colors found in nature? Mother nature has done amazing things, and she is not to be ignored! This month, we’ve launched a brand new collection of Enkay rugs in a spectrum of blue tones found in nature. Our handmade rugs are now available in shades like sea, glacier, and midnight, and there’s no question that we’re officially enchanted by blue’s natural beauty.



Blue Gold: The History of Indigo

To fully appreciate the color blue, it’s important to understand the origins. Perhaps the oldest form of coloring textiles and clothing, indigo dye is a brilliant and deep blue hue. Traditional indigo is derived through a completely natural fermentation process that dates back to 3300 BC, first used by the Harappan civilization of the Indus River Valley. 

Indigo is known as “Blue Gold” due to the high-value financial gain that came from international trade triangle that began in the 13th century. In turn, indigo also has a complicated history punctuated with colonization, greed, and national pride. In the late 1800’s, a German-engineered synthetic indigo dye was created to compete with natural indigo. But, even in our modern-day fast fashion culture, the traditional indigo of India remains the most sought-after source of dye. 

Still created from the leaves of the Indigofera plant using traditional fermentation methods, this unique blue shade lives on through the work of India’s artisans and craftsmen. 



Blue Hue: Get Back to Nature

From the blue sky to the blue sea and all the blue flowers in between, there’s an endless spectrum of blues hues on planet earth - and each carries an emotional charge and memory. Our rugs are deeply inspired by nature, and we strive to bring the best parts of the outdoors to your interiors. Blue is a calming and grounding color, which will give your home that serene atmosphere you need for decompressing after a busy day.

When you use blue to decorate your home, you are reconnecting to the beauty and awe that is felt in nature. While it is defined as a cool tone within the color spectrum, blue is very versatile and compliments a variety of decor styles. Whether you choose our subtle Sukri rug in Sky, or our rich Raksha rug in Aqua, any handknotted rug from our collection can be a great way to open up a small corner or bring focus to a large room. 

Sukri Rug | Sky                                         Raksha Rug | Aqua


Don't Be Blue: Colors are Powerful

The effects of colors on your mood can be deeply personal and varied, but also have been proven to cause powerful shifts. But, don’t just take it from us! Here’s a few real-world examples of how powerful blue can be outside of your home decor choices:

  • Ancient cultures in Egypt and China practiced chromotherapy, believing that exposure to certain colors would promote healing and changes in health. Blue is known to be anti-inflammatory and soothing to your nervous system.

  • Anecdotally, neighborhoods where the streetlights are given a blue hue report a decline in crime rates. 

  • In marketing, blue is used in logos to project confidence, trust, and reliability. 

  • Blue is an appetite suppressant, while red and yellow are known to stimulate hunger.


      Our new depths collection folds an additional layer of nature’s beauty into our already-established rug collection at Enkay. We’re proud to continue partnering with talented artisans in India to create these rugs, and now are so pleased to bring you a wider variety of colors to use in your home. Check out our entire line of rugs and home accessories at Enkay.com
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