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More on Our Materials

Emma Smith/23.05.23

More on Our Materials

All Enkay rugs and accessories are proudly handmade using natural or 100% recycled fibers including jute, wool, silk, tencel, PET and more. And each of these fabrications has its own unique quality, impacting how it will fit in your home. Understanding the unique qualities of these materials can help make choosing the perfect rugs and accessories for your space much easier, so we thought we’d put a quick guide together, just for you.


Versatile jute rugs

If you’re unsure of where your rug will fit in your home, our hand-loomed jute rugs are an incredibly versatile option. Crafted using yarns spun from the fibers of the jute plant which are a naturally neutral hue, a jute rug can work in many different spaces over time. For example, our Sabha and Lijia rugs can just as easily fit into your bedroom as they could in your lounge or dining room. A 3”x10” inch runner is also a great choice for an entranceway or kitchen area.


Lijia rug


Long-lasting wool rugs

If you live in a full-house with lots of kids and pets running around, you’re probably searching for a homely, yet durable rug option. The soft, plush pile of a handmade wool rug is surprisingly resilient, with wool fibers being less susceptible to indentation from furniture and heavy footsteps over time. Wool also happens to be water-, dirt- and stain-resistant, and a natural insulator against cold and loud noise. Some of our current favorite wool options are our Raksha, Siah, and Pontus rugs, which are bound to look as beautiful as the first day you bought them for many years to come.


Raksha Rug


A case for blended fibers

Choosing a rug or home accessory crafted using a blend of fibers can bring character to your space and added benefits to the final product. Silk-enriched rugs and accessories create a soft, lustrous feel that is a treat for the senses. Our Yara Throw is the perfect example, handwoven using a blend of ethically-sourced wool and silk. This sumptuously soft blend reduces friction and creates a heavenly soft-to-the-touch texture to keep you warm on colder evenings.


Yara Throw


If it’s a rug you’re searching for, wool rugs blended with tencel are known for enhanced softness with the tencel backing up wool’s natural water- and stain-resistance. Our Una rug is handmade using a blend of 60% wool and 40% tencel fibers making its thick pile extra luxurious.


Indoor/outdoor PET rugs and accessories

Made using 100% recycled plastic, PET rugs are an extra hardy rug choice perfect for styling outdoor spaces. Not only that, but their durability allows you to easily move them indoors or outdoors to suit the change of seasons. With spring at our doorsteps and summer well on its way, our Lekka or Nikka rugs are perfect for adding a touch of understated luxury to your outdoor living area. And when winter rolls around, their textural piles make for a cozy addition to busy social spaces like your living room. Also made using 100% PET fibers, the Varda and Anaise pillows are the perfect final touches to match either of these rug choices beautifully.


Lekka Rug


Now that you’re better informed about the materials that are used to make your handcrafted Enkay rug, browse our new arrivals and see which ones catch your eye.

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