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Metahaiku’s Space Evolution

Emma Smith/28.11.23

Metahaiku’s Space Evolution

Metahaiku is interiors duo Amy Mazius and Davy Greenbery. The couple and their coveted Los Angeles studio home recently caught our attention, so much so that we sat down on the Parvati rug and Mandia floor pillow with them to get the scoop on how they've perfected their unique style together as a team.  


We have loved watching your space evolve over time. Where did the idea for metahaiku come from?

metahaiku was a happy accident. We were a new couple living in a one bedroom apartment and needed a place to get out of the house and work. We wanted that space to be airy, inspiring, and conducive for multifunctional work - Amy's client work and Davy's photography. We had no idea it would resonate with so many people and become somewhat of a public space online and IRL.


How did you two meet?

Like most people nowadays, on the internet. Our first few dates required travel - Miami and Mexico. We quickly knew we had something special and made LA our home.

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Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

One of our first bonding experiences was realizing we both had the same Noguchi lamp. We find a lot of joy in Japanese minimalism, but also in quirky Scandinavian design and found objects. We're both from the Midwest and grew up with "dens" in our homes - so comfort is high on our value scale. Davy's mom is an interior designer, some of our pieces are family heirlooms. We love finding old things and giving them new life.


What colors, textures or homewares are you most drawn to at the moment?  

We love natural materials and neutral colors. But we also tend to buy a lot of red, orange, and solid colored pieces. We're into tactile objects, the feel of mixed woods, old fabrics, and cold chrome.


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Our artisans draw from nature when designing Enkay’s handmade rugs. With that said, let’s talk about interiors. When designing a room in your home, what do you keep in mind? Any advice for our readers when choosing a rug, a new piece of furniture, or creating a style of their own?

Our biggest piece of advice is to take your time, move your pieces around frequently, and go out in nature if you're getting stuck. You'll always find inspiration when you're out in the natural world. The first thing you see - or the thing you see the most - isn't always the best thing for you. Try mixing styles. If you're drawn to something, do a little research to understand more about it, that might lead to discovering a whole new style you didn't know about.


Beyond interiors, what are some of your rituals when at home?

Our coffee ritual and morning walks are important to us - we're not sticklers about either (you won't find a coffee scale here), but we do enjoy a good cup that we like to drink in the sunshine every morning. Our hi-fi system is quickly becoming a part of our routine - we'll put on a record when we're cooking or just listen - Amy's mom sent her old records from the 70s and 80s and we're working our way through them. Lately Getz/Gilberto, Tom Tom Club, and Stevie Wonder are on heavy rotation.


As we approach the end of the year, what things are you most looking forward to?

The new year feels like a time when anything can happen, it's a nice reset for everyone. metahaiku is still relatively new, so we're looking forward to new relationships and opportunities in the new year.


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