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How to Warm Up Your Home for Winter

Kate de Para/09.11.22

How to Warm Up Your Home for Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and naturally that means two things: 1. It’s about to get a lot colder; and 2. More time spent at home. Warming up your home doesn’t have to mean finally putting in that fireplace, though. Most of the time, it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Here are our top five easy tips for warming up your home this winter:


#1 Add lots of cozy textures

The days of sticking to one texture for your space are over. Now, the richer and more diverse your textures, the better. And it’s one of the easiest ways to add a little extra warmth to your home - literally and visually.

There’s nothing like cozy textured pillows to welcome winter into your home. Layer the hyper-textured Reliquary pillow with more understated options on your sofa or bed for a range of finishes that feel warm and add interest. The Freya pillow is also a great textural option, hand-knotted using a wool-viscose blend for a piece that’s as soft as it is statement-making.


Reliquary pillow in charcoal grey


If it’s a textural rug you’re after, look no further than Tahar, the perfect high-low, 100% New Zealand wool rug to tie any space together. Or, if you want something ultra-soft, our Una rug is handcrafted using the softest blend of responsibly sourced wool and tencel. The only thing we love more than Una’s plush 1-inch pile? The fact that it’s kid and pet friendly (one less thing to worry about during festive season gatherings).


Tahar rug in ivory



#2 Choose natural insulators

Wool not only looks beautiful and is soft-to-the-touch, it’s also an excellent natural insulator, meaning extra warmth without having to crank up the heating. Our Narmada rug is hand-knotted using 100% Merino wool, meaning it’s as durable as it is luxuriously soft. Use it as an indulgent foundational piece in a master bedroom or living room (wool is naturally stain resistant so no need to worry about dirty feet or paws!)

Plush and distinctive, our Parvati rug demands attention in all the right ways. And it deserves it; handcrafted using 100% New Zealand wool with a sensational 1-inch-thick pile, this statement-making rug is a work of art that happens to also be a great temperature regulator, meaning warm winters and surprisingly cool summers wherever you choose to place it.

 Parvati rug in ivory



#3 Opt for warming colors

It’s not just materials that can warm up your space – cozy, autumnal colors are an easy way to create a warmer atmosphere in your home for winter. Shades of red, orange, and yellow are obvious choices, but neutrals like brown or jute work well for creating a welcoming and comfortable space too. 

The warm gold geometrics of our Sayat area rug combine with a hand-trimmed, low pile for a durable foundation piece, as does Lumaki’s oatmeal motif. Crafted from different types of Afghan wool, Hinoki’s silky luster and irregular stripes in various hues of wheat evoke the fine grain of rare wood – neutral enough to provide a ground for any décor while still making a quiet statement.


Hinoki runner



#4 A throw goes a long way

A throw is always a nice touch for adding a pop of texture or color to your space. As a design element, our Yara throw is inspired by the qualities of raw tourmaline with a contrast of fracture and form to create a striking graphic pattern that adds a focal point to soft furnishings. Functionally, Yara’s soft wool-silk blend provides just the right amount of extra warmth, perfect for keeping cozy on the couch or offering to a guest to throw over their shoulders.


Silk wool blend Yara throw blanket



#5 Choose kid and pet friendly rugs

While adding natural insulators, a variety of textures, and cozy colours are great ways to warm up your home for winter, nothing compares to the warmth you feel when everyone is welcome. That’s why we’ve made sure we have loads of beautiful, heirloom quality rugs that are kid and pet friendly too.

Choosing high-quality materials means the heavy lifting is done for you already, as wool is naturally stain and water resistant, like the wool used in our Talsa rug. Low-pile rugs bring chic style to any room and are perfect for high traffic areas and frequent vacuuming – a breeze to clean if you have pets that shed. Our favourite low-pile rug? The Sarnic of course. Finally, when considering the design of your rug, subtle styles that hide dirt are great for a neater looking space. Our Udaya and Manpura rugs are perfect choices for this.

 Manpura rug



We hope you’ve found our tips for warming up your home for winter helpful and would love to see if you try any of these for yourself! Simply share a photo of your space and tag @enkay.home on Instagram, or Enkay Home on Facebook.

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