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How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

Emma Smith/18.11.22

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

Holiday season is upon us, and along with festive joy and special traditions, it also often brings friends and family from far and wide to stay for a few days of precious quality time together. And there’s still plenty of time to make sure your guest bedroom feels like a home away from home for the holidays. Simply follow our four easy tips to create the perfect guest bedroom below:


#1 Create a sense of harmony

When it comes to decorating a guest bedroom, less is more. While you may feel that creating a themed room with loads of different textures and décor items shows that you’ve made an effort, this may end up serving as a reminder to your guests that they’re in an unfamiliar environment. Instead, keep the design of the room simple and tasteful. Minimalist rugs and throw pillows in muted neutrals and timeless textures should be your go-to for creating a feeling of serenity for your guests.



 We love how Anila’s tastefully textured surface evokes gentle movement in a neutral grey palette, and the subtlety of Aspura’s tightly knotted silver pile. Both these rugs happen to be kid and pet friendly too, meaning that you and your guests can rest assured that any spills or stains that may occur are an easy fix. Our Mandia and Nadi throw pillows are hand-knotted using 100% New Zealand wool, come in three sizes, and are the perfect minimalist accents to tie your room together.


#2 Make sure there’s a comfy place to sit

Your guests will appreciate a comfortable place to sit that’s not in the middle of your home (and that’s not the bed). Create a comfortable place for your guests to sit and unwind throughout the day by providing a chair or sofa in your guest room with a few pillows for extra support and comfort. A cosy chair atop a plush rug like Manpura is the perfect place to relax, especially with Manpura’s lustrous pile underfoot. Or there’s Hinoki with its silky luster and irregular stripes in hues of neutral wheat (Manpura’s lighter cousin).


100% wool Manpura rug.


It's easy to adapt your chair to have adequate lumbar support by placing a small pillow at your back. Our textural, 100% wool Belka and Indus pillows have the perfect 16”x24” options that pair particularly well with Manpura, as do Mandia and Nadi. Then add a varying textural pillow in a larger size for visual impact and to tie the look together. We suggest Freya with its pebbly wool-viscose finish, or Mirth’s heavenly soft handwoven corrugations.


#3 Add a few cozy elements

If you want your guests to truly feel at home, comfort is key. Especially during the holidays. A soft throw blanket, either folded neatly at the foot of the bed or casually tossed across, adds an extra pop of color and will also come in handy for colder nights. Our Yara throw is handwoven using a soft, temperature-regulating wool-silk blend making it the perfect functional accent all year round. 



 An arrangement of throw pillows isn’t just a beautiful design element, they can also serve different purposes. Large pillows make a great back rest for sitting up in bed while you read. Our 100% wool, hand-knotted 26”x26” pillows are perfect for sinking into as you sip your morning tea or coffee. The hyper-textured Crevasse, Freya and Reliquary pillows effortlessly style up bed pillows, while playing the perfect finishing touch to tie a room together.


#4 Make it feel like their own 

A few thoughtful finishes are all it takes to make your guests feel extra special and like the space is all their own. Smell is a powerful sense for recreating past moments, so why not add a beautiful, scented candle or linen spray with notes that link to a special memory you share? (Look out for our range of handmade home scents coming soon to enkay.com!) Another lovely personal touch is displaying a photo or two of some happy times you’ve shared together to further encourage this trip down memory lane.



 Practical touches that are often more appreciated than you realise are making some space in the closet so that your guests can neatly arrange their clothing during their stay and having the Wi-Fi password readily available to save them from asking. A tasteful way of displaying your Wi-Fi password is by printing it on some card and framing it. Having a deep basket filled with fluffy towels and extra blankets ensures visitors have everything they need to freshen up and keep comfortable during their stay, while also providing a place to stash dirty laundry. In fact, we have a range of stunning handwoven baskets launching soon at enkay.com so keep an eye out for all the accessories you need to make your guest room feel extra special.


We hope these easy tips help you to create the guest room of your (and your guests’!) dreams. Be sure to follow Enkay on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our website to receive even more inspiration, keep up with new product launches, and get insider discounts.

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