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How to Choose the Perfect Enkay Rug

Emma Smith/17.04.23

How to Choose the Perfect Enkay Rug

Your home is a space where you should feel comfortable and at ease. Filling your home with items you love and that reflect who you are, helps to foster this sense of ease and comfort. An artisan rug can act as a grounding element in your space to help make your home feel complete, and we’ve mapped out a few things to consider when choosing the perfect rug for you.


Is it original?


The unique details of a handcrafted rug can’t be replicated by a machine. The distinctive detailing, organic patterns, and one-of-a-kind quality of a true heirloom-quality rug can only be brought to life by the intricacies of handcrafting. For example, our Vale, Siah and Adana rugs are a true investment for your home. Each rug is handcrafted to last, with its own unique character, organic design, and detailed pile that are matchless when compared to any machine-made rug.


Vale Rug


On top of their one-of-a-kind qualities, original Enkay rugs are crafted from the finest materials chosen by a network of renowned growers from around the world. That’s why rugs like Tahar, Nikka, and Sukri possess their own luster and unique characteristics that make them true works of art, beyond their beautiful, textural designs.


Is it timeless?


The unique, long-lasting quality of a handcrafted Enkay rug paired with considered design makes for a timeless addition to your home. This thorough attention to detail and design allows for versatility as trends continue to change, while your Enkay rug adapts.


Rugs like Ruchira, Hinoki, and Manpura add an easy elegance and work within any space. They are true ‘go-with-everything’ rugs, making any of them a timeless investment for your home.


Hinoki Rug


If you’re one for bolder rugs like Vari in Midnight with its deep blue hue, or Parvati with its lush high-low detailing, you can rest assured that even our more statement-making rugs will stand the test of time. That’s the beauty of the handcrafting process – it allows for rugs to hold their own unique, timeless quality that makes them feel at home for life.


Is it suited to your space?


When choosing your handcrafted rug, consider how the size and fabrication fit into your home. Larger rugs are common in living rooms or bedrooms, grounding the space and adding that extra warmth and homeliness. Narmada is a wonderful option as a larger rug choice to pull a space together, while its soft 100% wool pile acts as a natural insulator.


A smaller rug works beautifully in higher traffic areas of the home. Our Nikka rug is made from a durable PET yarn, a sustainable material made from recycled plastic. This hardy material is effective as a smaller rug choice, integrating easily into busier spaces like your patio, kitchen, or walkway while still giving you the appearance and soft texture of wool. Additionally, smaller rugs are great for layering. Why not try layering a smaller-sized Sambhar or Aayan rug in an already-carpeted area? They’re sure to add that extra detail you never knew your space needed.


Parvati rug


Is it personal?


Our wide network of highly-skilled female artisans each bring their own unique and original style to the handcrafting process. That’s why by purchasing a one-of-a-kind Enkay rug, you’re not just supporting skilled female artisans, your rug also tells a personal story about the artisan who created it.




“This work gives new meaning to my life,” says Koyali, the creator of the stunning Kinn rug. For Koyali, weaving is a livelihood and passion, and her practice over the years means that she’s incredibly talented at her craft. The stylized designs and rich motifs of the Kinn rug reflect Koyali’s personal style, telling the story of her personal journey before being delivered to your home to become a part of your story for years to come.


Choosing a rug is also reflective of your personal style. Whether you gravitate towards the simple low-pile of the Ruchira rug; a more modern high-low pile variation like the Zaaya rug; or a patterned and traditional choice like our Sarnic rug - consider how your rug reflects your personal taste so that it fits seamlessly into your space without feeling out of place.


Zaaya Rug


Now that you know how to choose the perfect artisan rug to fit your style and space, browse through our collection and find the perfect rug for your home.



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