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How To Choose A Rug Online

Brett Caldecott/20.09.23

How To Choose A Rug Online

We love shopping online. It’s convenient, inspiring, and gives you the chance to explore seemingly endless options. But when it comes to buying a rug, all this choice may leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start, especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. Not to worry though. In this journal entry we’ve pulled together our top suggestions for choosing the piece that’s right for you – and it’s easier than you might realize!


For a start, think about where your rug is going to go. That way you’ll know whether you’re looking for a smaller statement piece or large area rug. It seems like an obvious suggestion but it’s always a good idea to first measure your room and then work out how much space you’ve got to play with. If you need more specific direction, check out our Size and Placement Guide which breaks down the most common configurations. Remember that compact spaces deserve some attention too. Runners aren’t just for hallways – they work really well in any narrower room. We love them in kitchens and bathrooms to bring a sense of warmth.


Zaaya Runner


Next, it’s time to think style and color. Consider the mood you want to create and then what would best complement that. We have guides to creating different looks on the blog and you can filter rugs by color when searching or shop by style too. Materials also matter when you’re looking at what’s right for your space. Wool, for example, is a great all-rounder and can work in a number of settings. Jute, on the other hand, is more specific in its appeal, and works better with casual or bohemian décor. When in doubt, look around for inspiration from magazines and social media and you’ll soon get a handle on what looks good where.


Shop Sabha Rug


It’s also a good idea to check the details around construction when weighing your options. If your space is high-traffic, like a hallway or living room, you should go with something more durable with a compact pile to help it stand up to wear. For a lower-traffic area such as a bedroom, you can opt for a softer, lusher pile. The material is a factor to consider here too. Indoors you can use a range of different fibers, but if you need an indoor-outdoor option, you would usually opt for PET or similar.


Lekka Rug


Before we finish up, we wanted to end a reminder on some of the support we offer. Shipping and returns are free, so you can try the rug out in your own space without worry. If you’re torn between a few options, we always suggest getting a swatch first. That way you can check the color and style in person and be sure it’s right, which is especially helpful if it’s a subtle shade or design.


We hope this has been helpful, and you’re feeling inspired to get going. We also have a Buying Guide with design support where we answer some of the common questions you might have. Happy browsing!

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