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How Enkay creates sustainable livelihoods for its artisans

Kate de Para/21.04.22

How Enkay creates sustainable livelihoods for its artisans

Adding a touch of luxury to your living space is an essential design goal. Who doesn’t want a room that feels like a big, warm hug after a long work week?


But is it possible to create a splendid space that is also eco-friendly? Absolutely. At Enkay, we implement sustainability practices that promote conscious consumption. Not only that, but creating sustainable livelihoods for our artisans is the backbone of our brand. Thus, you no longer have to choose between having an inviting space and an eco-conscious one.



Asha Chaudry, Enkay’s founder and president, spells it out beautifully.  “Comfort will always be key in interior design, but with advances in sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly production, a shift has occurred. People look increasingly to invest in products that speak to their values.” 


Enkay’s handmade rugs are the epitome of luxury, and the production process provides true livelihood to the thousands of artisans who make them. Handwoven rugs are a long-cherished art that we’ve brought to the global marketplace. We ensure that our artisans can practice their craft where they live and sustain their communities at the same time.


Many of our rugs come with the name of the artisan who made them, and the history of their village. We prioritize working with artisans in rural communities and remote corners of the world, in order to promote reverse migration and draw populations out of overcrowded cities. Our doorstep entrepreneurship model lets you cherish the efforts of these artisans and upgrade your living space at the same time.



Looking for a touch of elegance in your entryway?  Enkay’s 100% wool Zaaya Rug will do the trick. And when you have the Zaaya in your home, you also participate in what Chaudray calls “conscious consumerism.” The Zaaya rug is hand-knotted by a world-class artisan in Ajabgarh, India, who is bolstering her family and community with her craft. The enjoyment in your home is paralleled by the prosperity in hers.




If you want to make your family room cozy and delightful, check out the Parvati design. It’s a hand-knotted rug made with 100% New Zealand Wool. Roll it out under your most comfortable sectional and you will make your living room exquisite.




Durability is also an important part of a sustainable lifestyle. We believe in creating products that will last for many years to come. Hand-knotted rugs are experiencing a swell in popularity because they’re not only gorgeous to look at, but they’re also durable. Enkay’s Jarga rug is 100% Jute and hand-knotted, perfect for feeling warm under your feet before you hop into bed.


Conscious consumption is one of the key tenets of a sustainable future. When you choose an Enkay Jute rug, you can feel confident knowing that your purchase is ethically made.



For example, our Jute rugs are made in the Lawan province in Western India, in small batches by dedicated craftsmen who are keeping alive an age-old tradition and sustaining their communes in the process. Your comfort and their livelihood go hand in hand. Like we said: high-end rugs can be eco-friendly, after all.


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