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Fill Your Home with Art, and Not Just on the Walls

Jade Aucamp/13.05.22

Fill Your Home with Art, and Not Just on the Walls


If you’ve spent time carefully curating a collection of meaningful artwork, then you probably already know that your walls aren't the only place to showcase craftsmanship. At Enkay, we understand that every piece in your home deserves to be thoughtfully sourced and have a meaningful story behind it. We understand artistry goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. 

We believe climate consciousness means supporting artists and preserving the century-old practice of hand weaving. Caring for the environment means caring for our artisans, our employees, and our customers. Our rugs will bring your sense of style and personal taste to the pieces you choose. 




Here are three questions to ask before you invest in a piece of art for your home.


Is it original? 

A print of a classic work will always look nice, but there’s nothing like knowing you have the original. Each of our hand-knotted rugs is one-of-a-kind. While other brands are mass-produced, Enkay’s artisans pay careful attention to detail and craftsmanship when creating the handwoven rugs we sell.

We understand that most consumers don’t want predictable pieces of art above their dining room tables. We believe that the same goes for furniture and decor. With our hand-knotted rugs, we can tell you all about the artisan who sat at the loom and created the piece. 

Plus, all of the wool that our rugs are woven with is handspun, which creates a texture that’s unique to the rug that you’ve purchased. 




Is it beautiful?

Aesthetics are important in your space, obviously, but it’s also important to have a space that’s calm, relaxing, peaceful, and comfortable. Enkay rugs add a luxurious element to any room.

But weaving handcrafted and stylish rugs is just one factor in our creation process. The team at Enkay is invested in its artisans and their well-being. We connect our makers, who have spent decades and generations honing their skillsets, directly to the market. When you choose our climate-conscious rugs and decor, the beauty lies in the process as well as the piece you’ve purchased. 




Is it personal? 

Art doesn’t just reflect your aesthetic taste. It also reflects your values. In the same way that a framed photograph can tell a story, our natural rugs tell the story of the artisans who make them. Enkay is not only invested in the beautiful products they create, but also in their lives, their continued employment, and the prosperity of their communities. 

We are grateful to be able to keep the craft alive and bring the beauty of handmade rugs to your home. Through sustainable craft, we nurture the creative potential of our artisans in a way that has never been explored on the global stage. 

We’ve been talking about your floors, but Enkay also collaborates with artists to expand the use of rugs to include wall art and other unconventional displays. For example, our Zaaya rug was designed to imitate the caves of Africa’s Atlas Mountains and makes the perfect wall-mounted piece. From floor to ceiling, we’ve got you covered. Your home is a work of art and we want to help you keep it that way.

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