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Eight Summer Rug Ideas to Energize Your Home

Emma Smith/31.07.23

Eight Summer Rug Ideas to Energize Your Home

Summer’s here and our daily routines and rhythms are adapting to the longer days and warmer weather. A change of season is also a great time to update your home décor and swapping out a rug is a low-effort way to make a big impact. It can instantly revitalize the whole feel of a room. We’ve rounded up eight ideas for a summer rug refresh here, so if you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration, this is it!


Bright Solids

Bold brights are a sure way to make a statement. Our Raksha rug comes in a range of shades to complement different décor, and with its subtle tonal variation it brings a punch of color into a space without coming across as one-dimensional.


Raksha Rug


Nautical Influence

Summer and the ocean are a natural pair. So why not bring a bit of that energy into your home? Our Depths Collection is inspired by the colors and forms of the seascape and lends a subtle coastal feeling that’s definitely not your typical nautical.


Moroccan Heritage

Moroccan rugs like Adras and Nanda bring a great balance of sophistication and casual style to a space. Their natural palettes and bold designs have a bohemian appeal but they’re also versatile enough to work in a range of different contexts.


Nanda Rug


Subtle Geometrics

Structured patterns have a fresh contemporary feel. Even though they’re pretty bold, they’re easier to incorporate into a space than you may think. And if you’re not ready to go linear all the way, you can always experiment with geometrics in a neutral color to get a feel for this style – our Parvati rug is a great start.


Parvati Rug


Jute Textures

Natural fibers add a whole lot of texture to a space in an easy, understated way. There’s also just something about a jute rug under your feet when the weather’s warm that feels a little like a vacation, every day. That’s definitely why we love designs like Jarga and Sabha.


Sabha Rug



When you’re updating your home, don’t forget about the runners. They’re not just for hallways either (although they do look great there too). Consider one for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other narrow space that could do with a dose of texture or color.


Blush Colors

A rug in a subtle blush hue is a great way to embrace color in a more subtle way. Pick out a lighter version of a tone that you’re already using in your space and you can layer up a look that has a fresh and easy feeling. Avarta in the Ocean color would look great with other blues, for example.



Last, but not least, think about giving your outdoor entertaining and living spaces some attention this season. Indoor-outdoor rugs like Lekka are durable enough to stand up to the elements while defining a space perfectly.


Lekka Rug


That’s it for now. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking a new rug, and whichever one you choose, it’s sure to bring a fresh summer feeling into your space.

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