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Dining Al Fresco: Add a Handmade Rug to Your Outdoor Space

115consultinggroup Admin/25.08.22

Dining Al Fresco: Add a Handmade Rug to Your Outdoor Space

Sunny days and warm evenings are seasonal gifts that make us want to soak up every minute of being outside. The warm seasons also cause us to take a closer look at creating a beautiful outdoor space to dine, socialize, and relax. We’ve spent years elevating the market of handwoven rugs for indoor spaces, and now we’re taking on your patio spaces without outdoor rugs, too! 

Dining al fresco, which literally means dining “out in the air”, is an activity unique to nice weather. A fond memory from most vacations, there’s no reason why your home can’t include a beautiful space outdoors; complete with comfortable furniture, high-quality rugs, and tons of ambiance.

Here are a few things to consider when setting up your outdoor space during the warm seasons. 



Eat Easy

It’s not scientifically proven, but we fully believe that summertime foods simply taste better outdoors. Find easy recipes that highlight seasonal produce like corn, tomatoes, and stone fruits so you can maximize your time on the patio (and minimize your time standing over the hot stove). We love Jacques Pepin’s classic combination of watermelon and feta, and Padima Lakshmi’s chilled cucumber soup as delicious hot-weather options.



Set Your Space

We fully support creating a home interior that feels like a sanctuary, and believe that your outdoor space should be no different. To extend your style to your patio or porch space, we suggest investing in high-quality furniture that will withstand the elements without losing any beauty. If you have a covered space, look for a wooden farmhouse table for a durable choice with instant charm. For sunnier spaces, look for metal-framed chairs made with natural fibers instead of plastic to keep temperatures low and style high.

To ensure your feet stay cool and clean, we suggest a high-quality rug that is intended for outdoor use. Look for rugs made from PET - a type of polyester fiber made from recycled plastic containers - so your rug will be long-lasting as well as easy to keep clean. 

One great choice for a handmade rug when setting up your al fresco dining space is our Lekka rug. It comes in a variety of sizes, has minimal shedding, and is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Our Mist color choice hides dirt easily, and since it’s made from 100% PET fibers it is durable enough for the high traffic, kids, and pets that come with outdoor use.



Keep it Calm

Eating outside is a charming and relaxing way to enjoy your summer meals - but not if you are spending your time battling sunburns, swatting bugs, and removing uninvited critters from your dinner parties. To bring longevity to your outdoor space, be sure to have ample basics set up at the start of the season. 

Try citronella candles and warm-tone LED lights to keep bugs at a minimum, and instal a sunshade or large sun umbrella to keep excess heat and sun off your skin. Plus, we love the instant ambiance that comes with candles, warm string lighting, and draped overhead canopies - a true win/win situation. 

Share the Fun

Creating an outdoor space means you have a great place to entertain guests of all ages! Try setting up a play area off of your rug and patio so parents can have a little downtime: we love the simplicity of bubbles and chalk for wholesome all-ages fun. Also, be sure to have comfy throw pillows and lightweight blankets to offer guests who might want to lounge before or after your meal. 

Whether you are setting up your outdoor space or updating your indoor space, Enkay has a wide variety of handmade rugs in multiple textures, fibers, and colors to compliment your style. Check out our whole collection of standard sized and custom rugs here.

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