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Christine Espinal’s Spanish Revival Haven

Brett Caldecott/12.06.24

Christine Espinal’s Spanish Revival Haven
Ever wondered how a spatial designer curates their home? We sat down on the Lazuli rug with Christine Espinal to learn about her approach to interiors and her love of unique details. 


Hi Christine! We know you’ve just relocated to Los Angeles from New York City. What was the inspiration for the move to California?

Moving to Los Angeles from Brooklyn was a decision inspired by a desire for new experiences and opportunities. I came across a beautiful Spanish revival apartment and was sold immediately when I saw the pistachio green kitchen and built-in wall light nooks. Also looking forward to more sunshine here. 


Your home is minimal but still so curated and warm. Where do you get your interior inspiration from? 

My interior inspiration stems from various sources, including travel, art, nature, and architecture. I'm drawn to spaces that balance minimalism with warmth and personality. 


When styling a room in your home, what do you keep in mind? Any advice for our readers when choosing a rug, a new piece of furniture, or creating a style of their own? 


When styling a room, I prioritize lighting. I believe in creating spaces that are not only visually pleasing but also comfortable. Layers of light will create the warmth that makes the space inviting. 


What colors, textures, or homewares are you most drawn to at the moment?  

I'm particularly drawn to a warm buttery yellow in contrast with a sleek stainless steel. In my latest project designing my office, I added a soft yellow to the walls and floors. I also designed stainless steel shelves to hold reference books and material samples. 


Beyond interiors, what are some of your rituals when at home? 


Some of my favorite rituals at home include starting my day by lighting my favorite Fragile Glass incense, meditating, and stretching. On Sundays, I’ve been enjoying fresh flowers to start the week off beautifully.


As a spatial designer, how has this industry shaped your world outside of work?

Working in the spatial design industry has influenced how I perceive and interact with the world around me. It has heightened my appreciation for the power of design to shape experiences, evoke emotions, and foster connections. Outside of work, I approach everyday spaces with a more discerning eye, seeking inspiration in the smallest details and striving to create environments that are both functional and beautiful.


Aside from design, what are some of your other passions? 

My friend Raja Maupin Introduced me to Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. It’s been a pastime that has brought me so much joy and appreciation for nature. I’ve learned about intention and grace through these flower arrangements. I took a class in Japan at the Sogetsu School of Ikebana where I learned more about the fundamentals of the practice. There are many books and tutorials available to practice right at home. 


*We do our best to make sure rug colors are represented accurately. However, there may be subtle variations in color due to the uniqueness of the natural fibers we use, or, if dyes are used, variations in dye lots. We highly recommend you purchase a physical rug swatch before making your final decision.

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