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Can Handmade Rugs Be Pet-Friendly Rugs?

Kate de Para/05.04.22

Can Handmade Rugs Be Pet-Friendly Rugs?

Pets are members of the family: loyal, adorable, and, often, messy. To that end, we think it's very important to consider your pets when shopping for a new rug. Too often, rugs quickly become less-than-fresh when pets are around...But we know there are ways to avoid this fate!  

When you want to add high-end rugs to your home, there are simply a few extra pet-centric factors to consider so you choose the right rug for your home and your pet. Let’s walk through a few key questions that will help you decide on the best handmade rug option for your pet-friendly home.


Meet Baby Daisy and the Sayat Rug


What is the pile of the rug?

When shopping for a new rug, the pile of the rug is just as important as the size, style, or color. The pile refers to the thickness, or length and density, of any rug’s materials. High-pile rugs can feel cozy and lush (think shag carpeting) while low-pile rugs can bring chic style to any room (like our hand-knotted Sayat rug).

A low-pile rug is a great choice for high traffic areas, and can be a breeze for pet-owners that deal with a lot of animal shedding. Low pile means you’ve minimized how much dander gets trapped in the rug’s natural fibers, and low pile rugs are much easier to vacuum than high-pile rugs.


 Meet Finn and the Tigaria Rug                   


What is the rug made of?

There are a wide range of rugs in today’s home decor market. Some are made from synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, and polyester. Others are made from natural fibers. For natural materials we prefer 100% wool, which has natural stain and water resistant properties.  Natural fibers also mean no chemicals or toxic dyes, which is a huge plus to your furry friends’ delicate faces and paws. For synthetic materials we prefer 100% PET. It’s created from recycled plastic bottles, which makes it sustainable, durable, and less likely to absorb pet odors. Consider checking out our Lekka Indoor/Outdoor rug. 


Meet Kai and the Sarnic Rug                     

What is the design of the rug?

Having a beautiful rug is no fun if you have to clean it daily or tip-toe around it because it’s too fancy. That’s why choosing the right design is essential for pet owners. 

When dealing with pet hair, a rug’s texture and color can make or break the longevity of your home design. Because we use only naturally shaded fibers, there’s a good chance that your pet’s daily shedding will be camouflaged by our designs, which translates into more time between vacuuming sessions. Take a peek at the Udaya or Sarnic styles for examples of beautiful and subtle designs that will hide both extra fur and paw prints. 


Enkay is here for your pets!

At Enkay, we’re passionate about helping you keep your rugs looking brand new. We also know that sometimes even the most talented spot-cleaner is no match for a pet stain. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mulberry to provide a five-year extended warranty option for every rug we offer. This warranty includes stains and damage from people and pets, among other things. 

So, to all of our two and four-legged friends: enjoy our handmade rugs with peace of mind! With a few extra considerations, they can look beautiful in your home for years to come. 

For more pictures and videos of our office dogs, check out our tiktok page.

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