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Breathing new life into a historic home with Robert Khederian

Brett Caldecott/27.06.24

Breathing new life into a historic home with Robert Khederian

Real estate agent and historic home lover, Robert Khederian is best known for his wildly popular Instagram account @notenoughangers, where he documents beautiful old homes. He and his partner John are hard at work restoring an 1821 row house in upstate New York, where their new Enkay Dosha Rug is now bringing new life to its classic interiors. We sat down with Robert to discuss architecture, inspiration, and dinner by candlelight.


Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up outside of Boston and moved to NYC after college with the hopes of being a fashion editor at a print magazine (not to date me) — after a brief stint in fashion and then assisting the editor-in-chief of Departures Magazine, I was the Engagement Editor of Curbed where I also wrote a weekly column called Period Dramas where I answered questions I've always had about historic homes. All the while, I was interested in real estate, and then decided that I had to try it out — I've been a broker with Compass in Manhattan and Brooklyn for a little over five and a half years now!


Aside from your day job as a real estate agent, you run a popular Instagram dedicated to old homes and classic architecture. How did this passion for older homes come about?

I've always loved old houses ever since I was little, and I would make my father drive a certain route to school so we'd pass a particular Victorian home. I was an art history major in college, and by the time I graduated, I was almost exclusively taking classes about residential architecture not really thinking that it would turn into anything! I love how architecture reflects how people live their lives.


Could you tell us a little about your upstate house and why you chose it?

The house is in the Finger Lakes in Geneva, NY where my partner John grew up. It's a very long story about how we wound up purchasing it in October 2020—which was never really a part of the plan, since we had been looking in the Hudson Valley and Litchfield County up until that point, but I love how we had been touring mostly Federal and Greek Revival homes (our favorite styles) never really knowing which direction we'd ultimately go in. The house we ended up buying is Federal with a wonky Greek Revival addition, so it's this interesting mashup! I almost felt like that was architectural fate in a way.


You chose the Dosha Rug for your home in Upstate New York, what made you gravitate towards that rug?

It's cozy, gets along with our living room furniture, hides dirt, and feels wonderful under your feet! What more could you ask for?


Any advice from this experience for others shopping for a rug?

Samples are your friend! I am very impatient and like to make a decision, but taking the extra time to get samples first really helped to ease my concerns that we weren't making the right choice.


When designing for your spaces, where do you find inspiration?

I think if John and I woke up in a cozy English country house filled with George Smith couches and well-worn antiques, we really wouldn't be angry.


What’s next on your design list for your home?

Kitchen? Upstairs bathrooms? Painting the exterior? Revamping the landscaping? Restoring the gas fireplace to wood burning? Take! Your! Pick!


Beyond interiors, what are some of your rituals while at home?
We love to cook and eat dinner by candlelight—sometimes we have 10 candles going at once. My sister even got us a mini fire extinguisher one year for Christmas!
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