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A Vacation Forever Home

Emma Smith/12.04.24

A Vacation Forever Home
Beyond Interiors with creative entrepreneur Marta Mae Freedman


Marta Mae Freedman connects the internet's most loved brands with audiences around the world, making a career out of the gifting experience. We recently sat down on the Leru rug with Marta in her new Malibu abode filled with her eclectic, collector-style to learn about her world, beyond interiors. 


Welcome to Malibu! We know you’ve just moved into your new oceanfront home. What made you want to live by the beach?

I decided that I needed to have a chapter living on the water for my mental health. I'm so grateful that I can take beach walks in between calls or start my morning looking at the waves crash. It's definitely been grounding during moments of high stress. 


Where do you get your eclectic interior inspiration from?

I'm definitely a collector. I moved into a mostly furnished home but needed to bring in my own touches. My mom and dad definitely had eclectic style, so for my Malibu home, I sourced a lot of vintage pieces that I had in our home as a kid. My mom loved suns so I have lots of them. I even managed to find the same vintage sun motif Libbey blue glasses we had and I found a reproduced sun and moon woven throw from childhood that was iconic in the 90s. 




Our artisans draw from nature when designing Enkay’s handmade rugs. With that said, let’s talk about interiors. When styling a room in your home, what do you keep in mind? Any advice for our readers when choosing a rug, a new piece of furniture, or creating a style of their own? 

 I envisioned myself hosting a lot in this home and sharing it as much as possible with my friends and family. With that in mind, I chose new pieces based on these experiences— for the outdoor area, I wanted a big conversation couch, a small dining area for al fresco as much as possible, chaise lounge chairs smushed together like a bed and Lots of pillows. When I was thinking of a rug, for the living room around my sectional couch, I wanted something cozy, big, and plush to sit on. I'm a big floor sitter and I love things like game nights and watch parties. If you build around memories you want to create, I don't think you can go wrong.


What colors, textures or homewares are you most drawn to at the moment?  

This house was decorated like a beach house in the most endearing but chic way. I love the existing art and details, so I knew this would be my opportunity to lean into "vacation forever." To me, that means lots of rattan and bamboo. I have this amazing set of vintage reed palm lamps that worked perfectly. Shells, rainbow cashmere, and tropical ceramics are making me happy right now.


Beyond interiors, what are some of your rituals when at home?

 If low tide aligns with my schedule, I try to take a beach walk or touch the ocean every day. I wish I could say I meditated on the balcony before I looked at my phone, but that's something I'm working towards. At night, I love watching reality TV with the fireplace or sitting on my ENKAY rug doing a Paint Gem mosaic.


As the co-founder of Dieux Skin and founder of Air Milkshake, how have these businesses shaped your world outside of your career?

I love getting to work with so many brands through Air Milkshake— I feel like I am constantly learning. Making meaningful connections between people and brands and other people and products is so rewarding. My life feels pretty full because of it, both Dieux and Air Milkshake have shaped my world through community and vice versa. 




Aside from self-care, what are some of your other passions?

I like doing things with my hands, like crafting. There's something so satisfying about tactile activities as a creative. Otherwise, I am really passionate about relaxing and lowering my cortisol right now.


As we enter a new season, what things are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to spending more time with my friends as the days get longer and summer gets closer. I am also looking forward to finally celebrating my engagement with my fiancé! 

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