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A Little Softness Goes a Long Way: How to Use Texture to De-Stress Your Space

Kate de Para/26.05.22

A Little Softness Goes a Long Way: How to Use Texture to De-Stress Your Space

Whether you’re a design expert or a decorating novice, we’re guessing that you probably want your home to be comfortable. Why put so much effort into making it perfect if you can’t unwind in it at the end of a long, stressful day?

Style trends on social media inevitably sway modern, clean, and sleek right now. But what about warmth? Incorporating a high-end rug into your space easily increases the cozy factor with any type of decor. Playing with texture and soft fabrics can even create balance, change your mood, and add a little lightness to your life. 



Balancing Act

 Interior design is all about balance and contrast. Even the most minimally-styled rooms need softness to feel inviting. Incorporating multiple textures is a quick way to hack your space and bring some laid-back vibes into it. For example, you can compliment a sleek leather sofa with a handmade wool rug. The softness underfoot of our Sambahar rug, which is crafted from 100% New Zealand wool, wonderfully accents even the most angular silhouettes. 

Adding a little texture will make even the most opulent rooms more approachable, which is ideal when you’re entertaining guests.You probably want them to feel welcome, right? So, if your dining space has a statement piece like a shapely chandelier, or a giant antique china cabinet, a jute rug will add a welcoming atmosphere that the room craves. Our Udaya rug is loved by dining rooms everywhere. (Rooms definitely show preference, right?) Its woven fibers and natural materials create a rustic feel that evokes time spent outdoors, around a picnic table with family. Show guests that your door is always open to them with these hand-woven rugs. (At least when they’re invited, anyway.)



Mood Changer

Any kid's room can easily become a bold, bright place full of colors, shapes, and possibly a little chaos. Okay, a lot of chaos. The warm, neutral colors in our handmade rugs can bring calm to your kid's room when it’s time to take things down a notch. These handcrafted rugs can add some zen to a space that’s filled with geometric shapes, animals, and homework. Cuddle your little one close on the Parvati rug while you read that book for the tenth…or hundredth time. 



Your Home Sanctuary

Our homes are filled with multipurpose spaces where we wash, work, study and get stuff done. But, quality rugs can give these functional spaces a little lift by bringing comfort into the equation. A wool rug for your laundry room can give you a fluffy foot massage while you take care of the wash. A hallway or mudroom is the ultimate utility space for shaking off the outside world and preparing for a busy night with family. 

You don’t have to sacrifice a homey atmosphere to rack up style points. Soft rugs add visual balance to a room full of modern decor, and our quality rugs are wonderfully cozy. Kick your feet up, relax, and add a little warmth to your beautifully-designed home. Your friends, family, and everyone else will thank you. 

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